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Professional Jack Sockets


¼″ S2S StackJack™ Sockets

The quarter inch S2S StackJack™ jack sockets incorporate the same innovative design features of the more compact S1 series, but in a body size intended to give a more rugged jack.


The S2S allows users of the larger body size jacks to halve PCB space needed by using the stacked feature.


As a further enhancement there is also a new variant with decorative ring insert. All the usual accessories such as nuts and washers can be used. Low noise contacts are standard on this model.


The S2S is a drop-in alternative to our UK manufactured jack sockets. It has been specifically designed with our Asian customers in mind, to reduce carbon emissions and the added expense of shipping UK jack sockets to China and Pacific Rim countries.


Jack bodies are available without a nose insert as standard. Specify Ni in the part number to include a nose insert. Parts are available without stacking pegs if S2C is specified - solder tag and PCA contacts are available for S2C. Make contacts are available in S2S, (non stacking type only). Non castellated retro nuts are available as an optional accessory.






Technical Data

Designed to receive both mono and stereo ¼″ jack plugs, the S2S jack socket is produced from durable, grade 1, black nylon with Cliff low noise T-Con® contacts for superior performance and reliability. Kinked PC legs provide stability for PCB wave soldering. The standard PC version is PC type C.


The S2S is available with a fully threaded nose and nylon nut as standard or a nickel plated brass hexagonal or a slotted ring nut. The mounting nut, if required, is supplied unassembled. Spacer washers are not supplied as standard with this model. The S2S can also be prefitted with an EMI / RFI screen indicated by a W in the part number.


When ordering please state the contact arrangement required when a plug is inserted using the following code from the front of the jack socket: B=Break, N=No contact, M=Make, S=Single (unswitched). For example

S2S/SH/BNBX2 is a dual, two pole, stacked, mono, switched jack socket. First contact is Break, No second contact and third contact is Break.


Versions with a decorative front metal insert are called S2S/Ni e.g. S2S/Ni/SH/BNBX2.


These jack sockets are supplied in cartons of 500 or 1000 pcs and are produced at our China plant.

See the PDF data sheet: ¼″ S2S Chassis or PCB Mounting Stacking Jack Sockets portable document format (opens in a new window).





Professional Jack Sockets - general information


Please contact Cliff sales for more information.


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