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Cliff is a leader in the design, development, manufacture and supply of components and connectors.


CLIFF XLR-format connector dust coversNew dust covers for XLR-format connectors.
Dust covers are now available for feedthrough and XLR-format connectors to reduce the ingress of dust and dirt...


CLIFF XRP customisable recessed socket plates.CustomisableCustomizable Recessed Socket Plates.
XRP plates from Cliff provide custom connectivity in a standard XLR cut-out...


CLIFF plastic BNC feedthrough connectorsLighter and Cheaper BNC Feedthrough Connectors.
Cliff Electronics offers a new plastic bodied connector with cost and weight savings...


ITSAITSA: The Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association.
Cliff celebrates 10 years of membership...


Cliff pre-assembled, fibre-optic connector rack panels.New Pre-Assembled Fibre-Optic Connector Rack Panels.
Helping to speed system assembly and save space...


Cliff news
All Cliff news and press releases...



Jack Sockets
and StackJack
jack sockets

DC Power
DC power connectors

Test Connectors
and Leads
test leads and instrumentation

feedthrough sockets in an XLR shell

Dual USB
in XLR shell
dual USB 2 and 3 sockets in an XLR shell

Cliffcons and
IP65 Connectors
locking, toughproof Cliffcon and IP65 connectors

Binding Posts
single, dual, touchproof, PCB and hi-fi terminal binding posts

Optical Jacks
and Leads
optical jacks and TOSLINK leads

Control Knobs
and Sliders
knobs, sliders, push buttons, illuminated encoders, switches, keypads and potentiometers


We have manufacturing plants in the UK and Far East with additional Far Eastern manufacturer partnerships.


Technical and Sales Enquiries : UK Order Line: +44 (0)1737 771375  USA Order Line: +1 707 746 8090